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Welcome to MyCrops Resources.

The breakthrough technology used in our farm is the essential foundation for improvement of crops quality and safety. Proper farm management, bio security, good agricultural practices and continues improvement will help to ensure consumers will receive a high standard of quality products.

In the beginning...

Conventional farming has been around for so many years. The method drains a lot of energy, manpower and at the end of the day, you end up frustrated, and losing a lot of money. Why?

  •  After a long wait, the crops do not produce as much as expected.

  • The product is not consistence in term of size, weight and difficult to sell due to non standard size. Don't be surprise if only 50% of your crops survives!

  • Long hours of working and have to be at farm before sunrise to ensure work is done, ie irrigation, cutting the weed, spraying the fertilizer and many more.

  • Farmer do not like rain because the fertilizer that we just utilize yesterday wash away, the pesticides that we spray doesn't last long and we have to do it all over again the next day

  • The crops easily damage when in contact with the ground and worst, so many ants, crawler on the ground attracted to our crops. Next thing you know, it's rotten.

  • Inconsistence good location for planting the seed because of the land has different sets of minerals and nutrients

  • Required bigger land to get faster return but it is too difficult to manage. A lot of money wasted on pesticides, workers, cutting grass and weed. Farmer just get too tired at the end of the day


New technology...


Fertigation is widely known in the country and becoming popular each day. And there must be a reason to it. A lot of farmers had changed to this method and lucky you, you have reach to one of the website that use and share this technology. We are not just farmer but we also teach other farmers to do the same. Why?

  • We know how it feel to be a farmer. The good news is that, we are fertigation practitioner as well. We walk the talk. We know what we are saying so you can trust us

  • We discover this before you did. So, we can advise you what not to do and avoid unnecessary cost.

  • We have tried so many variety of crops so whatever seed we gave you, we tested, done it and don't forget, we sold it as well. Rest assure it 100% original.

  • This is the best part. It is automatic and more crops can be planted in smaller area. Instead of going sideway, the crops goes straight up and save more space.  One of my worker are so impressed, he worked on the weekend as well!

  • It is not complicated as what you think. All you need is to follow step by step system in our handbook and who know, you may become the next Malaysian Idol.

  • It definitely for ones who does not like dirty working environment. The layout, the structure and the irrigation system is so clean and ease to manage.

  • How about working 20%, rest and think 80%? Now this what I call technology.

"satu perkembangan yang bagus dlm bidang pertanian dan saya berharap lagi ramai usahawan muda akan mengorak langkah mengusahakan tanah-tanah terbiar dan manfaatnya amat besar kepada diri sendiri dan negara." - Isnin bin Shahli" Saya tidak pernah melihat teknologi ini sejak saya bertanam 20 tahun dahulu. Kini amat mudah dan hasil berganda" - Embong


"Satu usaha yang bagus dan berbakti lah kepada tanah. Sistem ini amat bagus untuk dipraktikkan dan hasil yang memuaskan" - NawiKita bukan ke belakang tetapi kita akan lihat era baru industri pertanian negara yang menakjubkan, malah kita akan memberikan lagi pelbagai nilai tambah kepada industri ini,
- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

While browsing this website, should you have any questions, please feel free to ask them. This is a very informative site and more learning and retention of knowledge takes place when you send us the question and feedback. We will do our best to either give you the answer or help direct you to an appropriate resources.

We're pleased that you have chosen MyCrops Resources  as your information source and products. We are more than happy to welcome you to our farm for closer look and see it for yourselves. Looking forward to hear from you.


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